No, it is in no way, shape or form “illegal” to speak with people from other countries to dig up…
Caitlin Johnstone

If all the meetings with “Russian nationals” were so innocent, why did everyone involved in those meetings develop amnesia when filling out security clearance forms, testifying before a Congressional committee or adamantly denying any connection at all or any meetings on national television?

This investigation did start with a crime — significant evidence presented by several IC agencies that showed efforts by the Russian government to impact our election through hacking and disinformation campaigns against HRC in order to help Trump win. That investigation led to information that members of the Trump campaign had lied about connections to foreign governments, including Russia. The Trump transition team was informed that Mike Flynn had lied about and failed to discolore work he had five on behalf of Turkey. It then came out that he had lied about a conversation he had with the Russian embassador.

If members of the Trump campaign had contact with representatives of Russia and promised to lift sanctions — including allowing Exxon to work Russia to drill for oil (it really isn’t a coincidence that Rex Tillerson, good friend of Putin is the Secretary of State)- as a quid pro quo for obtaining help from Russia to rig the election, that would be collusion.

People of “your ilk” claim there’s no evidence that votes were changed but there is evidence that certain touch screen voting machines without paper backup are susceptible to hacking. In addition, there is evidence that the voter rolls in over twenty states were hacked and allegedly thousands of voters were purged from the rolls on key swing states. Just because the evidence of that hasn’t been presented publicly yet doesn’t mean there is no evidence. The Watergate investigation took years. This investigation has only been going on for a few months.

One last point — Trump himself has done things to inflame suspicions. The timing of the firing of Comey, his bizarre attempt to intimidate Comey by implying he taped their conversations only to state months later that there are no tapes, his insistence on meeting with Russian officials alone in the Oval Office and allowing only a Russian photographer but no American press, ditto for his recent meeting with Putin in Germany. All of that increases suspicion that something more sinister is going on.

I don’t know what the outcome of the investigation will be. But the simple fact of the lies about connections to Russia is enough to require it to continue.

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