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There is so much in this that I disagree with but unfortunately don’t have the time or energy to dissect it.

The main problem with your analysis is that it basically ignores the fact that the only way your type of capitalism works, is if the government is responsive to ALL people and there are fair elections with no disenfranchising of various groups or interference from powerful, wealthy people (or foreign governments). The government must be able to regulate business in a way that allows for fair competition. In addition, I believe that there are areas where the government has a role to play: education & healthcare especially because leaving those things entirely to the whims of the free market results in what we have now — completely unfair distribution of both. Which leads me to my next point …

Racism not only exists in this country, it is so woven into our institutions that it allows people like you to ignore it as if it was a feature, not a bug. While racism may not be inherent in capitalism as an ideal, to deny that our economy isn’t distorted by systemic racism that prevents millions of people of color from getting ahead is either naive or purposely ignorant. Your ideal of capitalism is that it is a meritocracy — but that would require all people to have an equal shot at all opportunities allowing the person with the most merit to succeed. It’s convenient to use Bill Gates as an example because he truly was “self-made” (although as a white male he did have a leg up on lots of potential competition). Let’s talk instead about Donald Trump. He started his business with a “small loan” from his dad — at least $1 million. He has had numerous bankruptcies, his children, like his son in law, have had every advantage and make money because they were born into money. They are not the most meritorious people — that’s not why they’re rich at all. They’re rich because they were born that way into an economic system that is rigged to benefit wealthy people (especially if they’re white) over less wealthy people.

The final point I’ll make is that you’re claims that the US system is transparent are patently false. Dark money has been flowing into our elections since Citizens United. Our government is bought and paid for by business, by the wealthy. Policies are being made in DC based on what the Koch Brothers want, not based on how clean we want our water to be or how much we as citizens are willing to pay to keep our water clean. That is bullshit capitalism utopianism.

I’m not advocating for socialism. I’m not advocating for capitalism either. I think there’s a middle ground that will provide the best of both worlds and ameliorate some of the many problems we’re facing now. But the main thing we have to do is stop worshipping wealth and financial success as the pinnacle of human achievement. Shareholder value is not morally superior to community value. Fracking may be good for Exxon’s shareholders but it isn’t good for our environment or the people who live along the pipelines or near the fracking. We can’t continue to have a government and economic system that constantly puts the people of this country and the environment below the desires of corporations and the wealthy people that control them.

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