How to Map Your Keyword Research to The Buyer’s Journey

Let me ask you a question:

What if you’ve got your keyword research all wrong?

I ask because most marketers use the same broken process:

  1. Hop onto a keyword tool
  2. Plug in some industry-specific keywords
  3. Extract the keywords that they feel their customers might search for

And inevitably, put these generic keywords to use in their content.

The result?

It has no impact on their search engine rankings, and it moves no needles for their sales process.


Generic keywords spewed from a keyword tool don’t match the search intent of your prospective customers.

Let me explain.

For years, attracting prospects online and converting them into customers was a short and sweet process.

Now, the buying cycle is longer and more intricate. Customers go through an entire journeyof not even knowing that they have a problem, to them finding your solution.

Source: AidenMarketing

It’s not until the end of that cycle that they evaluate their options and make a final purchase decision.

That’s where search intent comes in.

At each stage of this buying cycle, your prospects will use different search queries to match their intent.

If you can predict what those search queries are at each stage of their journey, you can create the type of content that will influence their purchase decision.

Do you see how this can be a powerful conversion tool?

The best part is, it’s way simpler than it sounds.

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how you can map your keyword research process to your buyer’s journey.

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