Dance Samba In Zanzibar This December

Samba may be a Brazilian dance but there is no argument about its African origin. Without any iota of doubt, a perfect place where you can get the best of Samba is visiting Zanzibar for an unforgettable vacation or getaway.

Often described as a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania, Zanzibar is a beautiful tropical landmass covering 1666 square kilometres. It lies around 35km off the Indian Ocean coastline of Tanzania, just north of the capital and main port of entry Dar es Salaam. Zanzibar is a wonderful, romantic, idyllic, historic and outrageously beautiful tropical island as well as the countless number of resplendent beaches. It blends fantastically with safari and trekking options on the mainland and offers a very wide range of accommodation.

Woman walking along the beach

Over the years, the Island has become a very popular and busy destination for all and sundry. And it shouldn’t surprise you that tourism is the mainstay of the economy.

When to visit

Zanzibar is a round-the-clock destination due to its tropical climate. You don’t have to worry about any extreme variability in temperatures.

Destination to explore

Stone Town

Your visit to Zanzibar is incomplete without checking out Stone Town. A Unesco, World Heritage Site, rich in history and mystery. You can explore the history, culture, and cuisine of this former slave and ivory port on guided tours and do not forget to visit the Beit el-Ajaib, a former Sultan’s palace.



A tiny island about a kilometre north-east from Zanzibar Island, Mnemba is vintage beach paradise. Its reefs are just perfect for snorkelling and diving. It is also a nesting site for the endangered green turtle. Although Mnemba Island is privately owned, the reef is open to everyone and is a popular day excursion from Zanzibar. You can hire Mnemba for any private function.


It is 50kms north-east of Zanzibar. Pemba is barely visited and largely undeveloped. It is also home to small fishing villages, colonial ruins, and miles of wild coastline. Tourism still in its infancy but Pemba ranks among the world’s best dive sites.


It lies 12km south of Zanzibar Town, uninhabited Chumbe Island was designated Zanzibar’s first marine reserve and now delivers an incredible underwater experience within the ambit of strictly controlled eco-tourism. The shallow-water reefs are pristine and there are turtles, rare birds and some 370 fish species to discover.


Mafia is an off the greed destination for visitors who want to wants escape the crowds of Zanzibar. The largest island of the Mafia Archipelago, Mafia lies 120kms south of Dar es Salaam and is widely acknowledged as one of the best dive sites in the Indian Ocean.

Zanzibar Cuisine

Where to Eat

Food in Zanzibar generally means seafood and rice, and it is usually well cooked and healthy. You can expect fruit, bread, eggs and coffee for breakfast. There are some good restaurants in Stone Town, including Blues (on the waterfront) and the rooftop restaurant at Emerson’s House as well as the Fat Fish Bar. It must, however, be stated that Zanzibari cuisine is hugely influenced by its Arab, Portuguese, Indian, British and Swahili heritage.

Where to Stay

Zanzibar Serena Inn, Mbweni Ruins Hotel, Chumbe Island Chicop, Emerson’s And Green, Salome’s Garden, and Tembo Hotel are amongst the best seaside and resort hotels you can stay when you visit this tourist haven.


This is where you are introduced to theZanzibari nightlife which is very vibrant. All genres of music are readily available including Samba, Taarab among other African music. Clubs you can visit are Coco blue Nightclub, Pharma lounge, and Africa House.