Winners know how to quit (but I am not quitting writing)

Way back in 2011 I was doing a engineering degree. I had heard somewhere (on the radio I think?) about how some obstacles are cul de sacs and some are walls (or dips) that just need to be pushed over. Well the radio said winners recognized when something has no outlet and is a cul de sac and when a little more grit is required. Also that’s the main premise of the book by Seth Godin and despite its 80 page’s contains hardly any more content than that.

Well at the time I had been doing an engineering degree for 2 years and was broke, hungry, and struggling. It was demanding and I hardly any support. I decided that I needed to support myself full time and my talents were best for a humanities degree- it was proved to myself when I earned a 4.0 for the last 3 years of college. So that was a version of when I quit and found success- but at the same time I took crappy sales job after sales job for several years. Eventually I stuck it out like John Wayne pursuing an outlaw and have a very rewarding sales job now- 2 examples of how two different approaches enabled me ultimately to win.

So I am thinking that sleep procrastination for me is two things- first helping others to overcome the habit (by blogging/a subreddit, etc) and the 2nd part- my own personal success in getting to bed every night. And I determined to not quit at both, even though both are proving to be very challenging.

So to follow up to my last post- giving into my “productivity” urges, I got beter sleep for a couple of weeks, and considered myself almost cured! Hooray… but then the holidays came and work got a little more demanding, and I started a diet (Down 11 pounds by the way) and I forgot about sleep procrastion. Still all the while I continued to get delayed and crappy sleep. So now it’s time to reconquer it.


  1. Start getting ready for bed at 9. Have some sort of log, just to establish the habit. But the 9 is the important part.
  2. Start working about an hour before bed.
  3. Write in my journal for 10 minutes every night.
  4. Blog about sleep procrastination several times a week.
  5. Write a little bit more tomorrow. I consider these goals solid, but I want to get them even more concrete in another blog post.
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