#DeleteTaboola: Stopping Breitbart Means Stopping Taboola Too

Time to hit the hate speech business where it hurts: the bank account

Today is a good day to block Taboola. The company’s CEO Adam Singolda is about to take the stage at Startup Grind, a major tech conference in Silicon Valley.

Among the speakers and attendees will be most powerful names in tech — the people with the power and influence to pull the plug on the alt-right’s revenue streams.

Today, we’re sending them all a message: #DeleteTaboola. If Taboola won’t delete its relationship with Breitbart, we will delete Taboola.

We will not cooperate with businesses that fund the alt-right, neo-Nazi or any hate speech organizations.

Taboola’s business model depends on YOU seeing and clicking their ads. YOU are how they make their investors and customers happy. YOU are the oil in this machine. Without YOU, the whole thing dries up.

So today, let’s stop cooperating with a business that funds hate. Together.

⬇️ First, here’s some background in case you need it. ⬇️

It’s About Free Speech, Says Tech CEO Cashing In On Breitbart Ads
Sorry we’re making so much money off alternative facts!medium.com

Step 1: Pick An Ad Blocker

One of our members reached out and notified us that Taboola pays AdBlock Plus to stop blocking their ads. We didn’t know that! 😦

So instead, we’re recommending the following ethical ad blockers. Both automatically block Taboola upon download. Done and done.

uBlock Origin:

Works for: Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Cost: Free


Works for: All Apple products, including Macbook/iMac, iPhone and iPad.

Cost: $4.99

Step 2: Protest LOUDLY 📢

Our goal is to flood the #StartupGrind hashtag all week so folks across the tech industry get the message loud and clear: THERE IS NO PROFIT IN HATE.

We need you to tweet extra hard on Tuesday, Feb. 21st and Wednesday, Feb.22nd.

Tweet one of the following messages to Taboola and conference attendees, or make up one of your own:

Message #1:

“Just blocked @Taboola. At least one of us is no longer funding hate speech.” @slpng_giants #DeleteTaboola #StartupGrind”

Message #2:

“I just blocked @Taboola. Hate speech doesn’t pay. @slpng_giants #DeleteTaboola #StartupGrind”

Message #3:

“Just blocked @Taboola. No to funding hate speech. No to Breitbart. @slpng_giants #DeleteTaboola #StartupGrind”

Message #4:

“There is no profit in hate. Please end Breitbart funding @adamsingolda! @slpng_giants #DeleteTaboola #StartupGrind”

Thanks for your amazing work, Giants. Together, we’ve gotten 1100+companies to blacklist Breitbart. Onwards and upwards!

Sleeping Giants is an organization dedicated to stopping racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and anti-Semitic news sites by stopping their ad dollars. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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