Jeff Bezos, your silence is deafening.

For three weeks, we’ve asked you about your position on advertising on Breitbart News with not one word back.

Nearly three weeks ago, we started a campaign to inform advertisers when, because of programmatic advertising buys, they happen to inadvertently end up on Breitbart News. When most of them see their company’s name next to an article entitled, “There’s No Hiring Bias Against Women In Tech, They Just Suck At Interviews”, they have an immediate negative reaction. You have had no such reaction as of yet.

Seeing as how you own and run one of the world’s most successful tech companies in the world, Amazon, one might assume that your company name and product offering next to a headline like that would raise at least an eyebrow. After all, you have thousands of women working with you everyday and you are, without question, in tech.

But the ad placements don’t stop there. We can see Amazon’s ads next to headlines like “Birth Control Makes Women Ugly And Crazy”, “Young Muslims In The West Are A Ticking Time Bomb” and “Bill Kristol: Rebublican Spoiler Or Renegade Jew?” We think, we hope, you’ll agree that these aren’t just news articles, but rather tools of hatred and divisiveness. Just ask your own employees, who are female, Muslim and Jewish. They’ll tell you themselves.

Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Laureate writer, once said, “We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, not the tormented.”

For three weeks, Mr. Bezos, you’ve remained silent. Please say something.

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