Significance of Sleeping Medicines and Natural Sleep aids in Treatment of Insomnia

A peaceful and undisturbed slumber at night is a precious gift for a person to cherish. This biological process not only restores your health and wellbeing, but also rejuvenates your body to meet the demands of the next day. It has been found that people who sleep well retain information and perform better on memory tasks. A normal sleep repairs your tissues, synthesizes hormones in your body and leads to adequate muscle growth.

While sleep is a natural human instinct, insomnia is considered as an unnatural phenomenon. It is a major sleep disorder which affects millions of people worldwide. Studies have shown that one in three persons have suffered from some sort of insomnia during their lifetime. A patient of insomnia can’t rest calmly for a sensible span at night, and awakens at sporadic interims .He thinks that it’s hard to return to rest, and spends the whole night either hurling and turning on the bed or gazing at the room roof. We discover restless people attempting unsuccessfully to get a rest by switching on the TV at odd hours or perusing a book at the middle of the night. These individuals for the most part remain tired by virtue of insufficient rest to their body and regularly experience the ill effects of stress and anxiety. Sleep deficiency affects their memory retention power and their day to day activities. They find it difficult to perform well in job and often remain irritated.

Inadequate sleep also affects your energy, your mood and ultimately your health. Less sleep often leads to headache, lack of concentration, weak immune system and weight gain. Individuals who don’t sleep well are less happy and less cheerful than people who get peaceful sleep. Do you know that most of the critical road accidents involve people who are patients of insomnia? Drivers who had to drive throughout night do not understand that they are suffering from insomnia and commit serious accidents.

The most common solution for the treatment of sleep disorders and insomnia are sleeping medicines. If taken in correct dosage, prescription sleeping pills can restore sleep in individuals. Proper use of these medicines in appropriate dosage, have treated the sleeplessness of millions of people worldwide.

However, it has been observed that regular usage of sleeping pills often leads to dependence and tolerance. People don’t realize that sleeping medicines have the potential to disrupt the body’s natural chemistry and to make you addictive. The bitter fact is, that you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms, when your doctor asks you to stop that medicine.

Correct dosage and timing is extremely important in insomnia drugs. One of the major disadvantages of any sleep medicine is that it has some side effects attached to it. Some common side effects are drowsiness, dizziness, hangover effect, nausea, tremors, headaches, stomach disorder, joint pain and irritability. Any abuse of them can lead to serious complications of liver and kidney. Our advice is that you must always consume a sleeping medicine under the guidance of a registered general physician only.

Besides Sleeping medicines, lifestyle changes as well as improvement in snooze patterns can also solve the problem of sleeplessness, to a greater extent. Just make some little changes in your habit and avoid the use of TV, cellphone or laptop before hitting the bed. Some other habits which you should inculcate are daily exercises, avoiding siesta and having a light dinner before bedtime. You can easily fall in sleep if you go to bed daily at a fixed time. Warm shower or listening to light music can also set the mood for sleep. And lastly, you ought to avoid nicotine, alcohol or caffeine for adequate rest.

Natural and herbal remedies are quite effective in inducing sleep. A glass of warm milk before sleep time can help you to sleep. Further, you can restore normal sleep through Chamomile tea and Valerian root. For deep relaxation, you can try herbs and essential oils like valerian, lavender and rose.

In a nutshell, we can say that a right combination of sleeping tablets and natural sleep aids can prove instrumental, in inducing sleep in individuals.