Sleeping Temperature-How Does it Help to Sleep Well?

We all have different needs in life. Some like to read before bed, other don’t. Some sleep in the dark, while many others don’t need that to be so dark, rather they use night blubs when they go to bed. Just like one size doesn’t fit all, temperature requirements for sleep may vary from person to person. From clothing choices, to foods to mattress type, we have our own choices. The same goes when it comes to temperature for sleep during the night.
Agreed! We have different temperature needs, but temperature can be the difference between your good or bad sleep during the night. So, we have to understand that the right temperatures for better, deeper and longer lasting slumber. There is no single answer so far the need for sleep temperature is concerned. However, the most studies reveal that it is recommended to set your thermostat around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Because at this temperature, our bodies act thermally neutral, which means they create heat ( shiver) or shed heat ( sweat) to compensate for becoming too cold or too warm. This type of environment is perfect for sleep, neither being too warm nor cold.
On the other hand, if you set the temperature between below 54ºF and above 75ºF, it is not normal. It has been shown to be disruptive for your slumber during the night. This may affect your biological clock and take away your sleep. To ensure you sleep well, you need a perfect environment which should including putting off lights, not watching TV, using quality mattresses and making your room temperature adjust to a good night’s sleep. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says “thinking of a bedroom as a cave: It should cool, quiet, and dark.”

Although everyone needs a different sleeping temperature, but one thing is clear: most of us need to set the temperature at 65ºF. This has been recognized as ideal for getting to sleep or staying asleep through the night. Studies show that near bedtime, our body temperature begins to drop to make us sleepy and in the morning the reverse happens to help us wake up naturally. We should ensure that this physiological process goes, as it promotes quick and better sleep. And perhaps this the reason why heavy exercising or eating large meals close to bedtime is not appreciated- both these activities greatly elevate body’s temperature and interfere with slumber.

Some Useful Tips to Adjust Body Temperature

• Have a warm bath close to bedtime
• Make your room, quite, dark and cool
• Don’t eat large or heavy meals near bedtime
• Don’t use alcohol, nicotine and other substances
• Don’t take up heavy exercises during the nighttime
• Use quality mattresses, pillows and beddings for sleep
When to Seek Help of Sleeping Tablets Online?

Sleeping tablets available in the UK from online stores can be a good way to better sleep, when natural remedies don’t help. Most of them work on the brain and nerves to create a calming effect to induce quick slumber at night. They are often considered as a safe solution, but you should consume them after consulting a qualified doctor. Make sure you follow all prescribed tips to avoid side effects such as headache, dizziness, increased heartbeat, hallucinations, memory and focus problems, double vision, anxiety and drowsiness to name a few. If you are looking to buy cheap sleeping tablets, it is advised to understand and learn about how they can help you.

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