Reasons Why Your Tinder Profile is Horrible
Broke-Ass Stuart


I had to break up with Tinder, I just had to leave it to the kids. When you see more than 5 pictures of people standing next to Tigers (thank you for letting us know you toured Thailand), or when 17 people use the same whack-ass quote… something with the word “soulmate” or “destiny” or how implying that they are working hard (then why the hell are you on Tinder at 11am?) My last straw were rando’s trying to hook up with me at like noon on a Wednesday, like seriously, these thigns need to be handled in the dark on a drunken Friday night sir! All of these were right on the money, let me just add, regarding the group photo, the worst part about it, is that it’s ALWAYS the least attractive person I always want to message them and ask for the friend to the lefts number.