If you want to end abortion, here’s how to do it
Brandon Ferdig

Or how about making the act of having and raising a child a little less monumental. Protect, nurture, and love that life not just before it’s born. I loathe beyond all word people who discuss that abortion is murder without discussing the other side of that equation.

Women get abortions for hundreds of reasons, both medical and personal. And when it comes to the pro-life side of the debate, it seems to center on women committing murder by doing so. It’s extremely rare for these people to discuss what happens if the woman chooses life. I don’t see these same people rallying to provide food, shelter, health insurance, clothes, and an education to these now living and breathing fetuses.

Pro-life advocates also always focus on women — it’s their fault for having sex and getting pregnant as a result. As if they can somehow spontaneously produce and fertilize an egg! It feels to me like it’s all about shaming the female body and self rather than about children. If this was about children, there’d so much more conversation about these children when they’re actually already born and kicking in this world.

Want to stop abortions?

Make it viable and safe and sane for women to keep their offspring without losing their jobs or bankrupting themselves. Provide help, support, and opportunities. Offer free day care to all mother. Doctor house visits for all children. Guaranteed income for the child. Protection against discrimination during and post pregnancy. A living wage for every mother with a child.