Five stellar pieces of advice for creatives.

Some tips to remember for navigating the difficult waters of being an artist.

  1. Be less angry.

Being angry doesn’t get you anything. Things work and things don’t. Focus on the good lessons and be the arbiter of good stories.

2. Avoid ego-boost-only projects

When hunting for creative jobs, sometimes that shiny project looks like a total dream come true. But not every job is the right job. It’s super important to not only know your skills and limits, but to know when to not do something. Being an artist is hard enough, avoid making it harder by taking on a project you simply should not be doing.

From Designer Jessica Walsh

3. Focus on getting a system into place.

When you’re just starting out on your own, there’s so much to consider, and it’s not just about what you’re creating. This advice, from designer Tobias van Schneider is really important and will remind you that sometimes stepping away from what it is you like to do will actually help to ensure you get to keep on doing it!

[We use Freshbooks for invoicing, time tracking and client organization.]

4. Be nice.

One of our first clients back in the day came to us through an intern. Let’s back up. Prior to SUP, a SUPer worked at an agency where she oversaw several interns. Fast forward years later, and that intern was kicking butt at a new company and needed some videographers. When she searched around, she realized her former intern-boss was now at SUP. The rest is history. So remember, be nice to interns!

5. Chill

Remember to breathe.