Our Abu Dhabi Engagement Photos in the UAE Desert

I’m seriously still so in love with our Abu Dhabi engagement photos. Our friend Ille offered to take them for a crazy good deal, because one night at the infamous UAE brunches we got to talking about how I had a dream of Abu Dhabi engagement photos, and she was dying to try out a desert shoot… it was fate.

The result was these absolutely stunning photos taken during sunset in the vast “empty quarter” of the UAE, the largest desert in the world. The sunset, the camels, and the romantic atmosphere are pretty much guaranteed to get you day dreaming about planning your own Middle Eastern adventure!

By the way, if you’re looking for Abu Dhabi engagement photos, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Ille for a shoot. Even years later I still regularly get compliments about how beautiful and unique these are, all because of the magic she worked effortlessly behind the camera.

Honestly, these photos really just never fail to make me smile, so I just hope you enjoy them as much as Daniel and I do!

Don’t you wish that everyday life could be this magical and romantic all the time?

That’s part of why I love travel photography so much, because when it’s done so well like these are, it captures the daydream, the adventure, the feeling of anticipation that is so unique to exploring somewhere new… even just writing this is making me want to take a trip back there soon!

PS If you want to know more about me and Daniel, you can read our story here, or check out our Dayton wedding album!

Originally published at slightnorth.com on March 23, 2018.