My Grandmother: An amazing Woman who was able to predict the future in 1983.


I grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts. My Grandmother on my Mother’s side also born in Worcester, had grown up poor in a ‘Triple Decker’ as one of several children in a Polish family surviving the depression.

She had a love of art. She was an amazing sketch artist who was fortunate to have been awarded a scholarship to a local Art School to pursue her love of Fashion & Drawing. Shortly before entering school, she awoke one day with severe vision loss in one eye. Diabetes robbed her of a promising career she dreamed of. I can only imagine how much this hurt, myself being a visual artist.

She went on to Marry, my Grandfather who served in WWII as a Medic in the US Army. They had children and my Grandmother worked as a Worcester County Courthouse Clerk until rising to become Legal Secretary of the Year in the State of Massachusetts at one point.

Later on, she worked for and eventually ran the largest property deed title company in Worcester County, MA (Which is the 2nd largest county after Boston’s). It was at this position she became aware of the power of computing tech whereas data storage and retrieval / archives were concerned. The company invested in several systems and my Grandmother learned a thing or two about computers herself even though she didn’t use them and preferred old typewriters or electric typewriters still.

At age 8, 1983 i was presented with TI-99/4A Computer which i learned BASIC on. I had several peripherals but my family refused to get me a modem because my favorite movie was War Games and they were concerned i’d start Thermo-Nuclear War with free time on my hands after-school. In hindsight it probably was the best call.

She looked me in the eye and said “The more you learn about these, the better off you’ll be’. That was in 1983. Since then i’ve learned so much, have been head over heels in love with tech and computing tech since. It’s one of my greatest joys which still brings me happiness.

She was an amazing Woman indeed. She passed away when i was 17 years old, exactly one month after we all watched my Mother, her daughter die on life support in a coma. We all believed it was a broken heart seeing my Mom pass that killed her.

She was so strong: Nothing and i mean nothing…. No man, no obstacle, no issue could have ever beaten her down. It had to have been a broken heart that ended what was the amazing life of the most amazing person, and most fearless Woman i’ve ever known. My grandmother.