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I was going to go with a heavy WR strat this season but our league has one keeper that counts as a first round pick and a keeper of one drafted rookie at the round that YOU drafted him. So with 3rd pick I thought I was set. Instead I was forced after keepers to get the around 7th or 8th ranked pick. I went crazy and went with Zeke. The top 3 WRs were gone and there seemed to be to much risk after that for the 1st round imo. So I got a rookie first round, then took suspended Bell in the 2nd. I ended up with Elliot, Bell, Hyde, and J Howard, picking up C Mike with first waivers. My WRs have been mediocre at best. I am in second place going into week 5 and my RBs with Flex has WAY over played the points loss at WRs. Having played FF since early 90s this might be the best team I have ever had just because of my RBs. Now if Snead gets healthy. O Coop, D Parker, and Cobb step up I am going to roll into the league playoffs easy and do quite well. WR heavy draft is a myth, RBs pave the road to success imo. And here is another free one, why take a crappy handcuff for your awesome healthy RB when you can take some other owners injury ridden RB’s backup.

Good read and thanks for putting some new thoughts in my head with your step back approach.