An Open Letter to the Slingshot Community Regarding Sponsored Content

Slingshot Insights has had an exciting year of growth since launching in December of 2015. During that time our community has grown to over 4,500 investors focused on the Healthcare sector. We’ve executed calls in dozens of specialities on hundreds of companies. Our focus during this time has been on becoming a platform for access to knowledge and informed opinions. By transparently connecting the best and brightest experts in the world with our members, we’ve revolutionized the way this type of investment diligence is conducted.

Our company was founded on the ideal that transparency and information parity are essential to the investment landscape. As we’ve grown and built our community, we’ve received an incredible amount of interest in partnerships and collaboration. These partners have been Investment Banks, Index owners, and Independent Research Analysts. As our community has become more impressive, interest in directly engaging with its members has increased as well. Specifically, public and private company management teams have requested to sponsor content on the platform, providing free calls to our members, with the aim of raising awareness among investors.

This post is to transparently and proactively set out our philosophy and ground rules for all sponsored content on Slingshot Insights. We believe this is an important step to maintaining the integrity of all our research calls.

First, why would companies pay experts on Slingshot Members’ behalf? Isn’t this just propaganda?

Management teams in every industry work continuously to tell their story to investors. They realize that just getting the attention of investors is a significant challenge, particularly in an increasingly fractured research landscape. Some methods of engagement have long histories and significant weaknesses, such as Analyst and “R&D” Days. With technology, new ways to engage investors are emerging, and progressive executives want to take advantage of these new tools.

Good management teams also know that there is an “expert narrative” going on around their companies whether they engage in it or not. The best capitalized investors can speak to experts about the Company’s programs, but the expert’s identity and familiarity with the topic/data is often a mystery. The access to this tool is also asymmetrical among their shareholders.

Slingshot Insights was founded to reduce this imbalance, but we still have a lot of work to do.

These sponsored calls are not intended to replace individual diligence, but rather encourage it and enhance the caliber of the discourse. Plus, these companies are impressed with you and the rest of our community and would like you to be informed about what they are working on.

Our Rules For Sponsored Partners

  • All Sponsored Calls will be clearly marked on the Slingshot project page and transcript as “Sponsored By” the Company or Institution that is is funding the call.
  • We encourage sponsors to utilize independent experts; however if the expert has any affiliation with the sponsor it will be clearly indicated to our members on both the project page and transcript.
  • Sponsoring a call on our site does not give the sponsor any say or privilege over future Expert Interview creation or expert selection.
  • Sponsors and experts will never disclose any material nonpublic or confidential information to Slingshot members.
  • Slingshot employees have no direct interest in the companies that sponsor Expert Interviews or execute Management Calls on our platform and are restricted from trading.
  • All Sponsored Calls will always be free to Slingshot members.

Slingshot Insights has always sought to be a platform where qualified experts are asked for their unique perspective on complex issues. We don’t pick winners or losers in the stock market, and we don’t intend to start. What we will continue to be is a transparent community that reduces the barriers to information so that investors can access the most informed perspectives on any topic and draw their own conclusions. We’re happy to answer any questions you have related to our Sponsored content. Send us an email to

Thank you for being part of our community -

Joe & Colleen — Slingshot Insights is the first crowdfunded expert network & due diligence community. Research your stocks like the professionals do

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