Dear Fallen Confidant and Angel Donor — It’s All Sticks and Stones Baby

Dear fallen confidant and angel donor relationship,

Go ahead and write anything publicly about the Sixth Estate that you want. I’m happy that I inspired you. Coercion and threatening to plagiarize my hard work and mission is not a tactic that I respond to. I’m happy to know how you take rejection and I’m also happy to see the lengths you’ll go to continue your pursuit of me being your “girlfriend that has your support”. But I have heard somewhere that this is the highest form of flattery.

I’m happy that you were able to be inspired by the revelations that came from our inaugural conversation in me sharing my grit, coming to discovery, and thesis for my businesses, purpose, and NGO all which are in effort to support and liaise a global shift (to which I’ve fearlessly, tirelessly, and bootstrapped my way to coming into learning and stampeded with a determined and open hearted voice for progress) in access to information and a new wave of economics and global collaboration around access to information and just what it’ll mean for the world that I shared with you. At first I sought someone that had a strong strategy and business mind & voice to discuss this endeavor. I’m happy that my shares, pitch, drive, developments, mission, revelations, deductions, constituency of 40,000 and growing, and 10,000+ hours of hard work, hustle, and personal sacrifices still have got you turned on enough to spin this and think that it’ll be enough to actually sway me to continue your involvement in my life’s work that is only just beginning, while you are on the tail of the very grand successes that you have built for yourself over the many years of similar grit, hard work, and time paid since your last meal bought on food stamps many moons ago.

Thank you for texting me tonight to confirm that my very public message was received in that [you] “maybe I got your message indirectly via your video on Fb”. Thank you for making my night, at a disrespectful hour, to relay that you’ll be writing an article based on my thesis and basis of work and that you’ll “credit you [me] of course and collaborate if you [I] wish”. Brava. Please do credit me but we will not be collaborating or speaking any more if that wasn’t clear.

Readers, please see my video here:

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