The Difference Between Resilience and Accountability

Our nation and its defense department — actually all departments — discuss being resilient. But this strategy had me rather puzzled (well suh, it deals with nationalism, geopolitical power, and we game strategy and the livelihood of that on the international stage) the more and moreover studied the DODs prime customers, purveyors, techniques, and solutions. We were surely resilient and had been so decades. But a power dynamic never introduced to our nation or internationally was that of being accountable.

Accountability can be cut into two things: strengths and vulnerabilities. Both present areas for growth. Growth was a major area not addressed the more and more the technological infrastructure and new dev around that was growing.

I saw such power of technology yet no leadership owning where there weaknesses occurred. If it’s about power, knowing from wrongs or “pushing under the rugs” is a huge admitting to areas needing to build more resiliencies. Like, the OPM hack for instance. That was major. And a major oversight for so many reasons.

When demonstrating IT strengths and power across and international stage more or less “preparing and building up for the distal war of all wars — cyber warfare” we need to look at areas where internal policy, exchange of information, and cultural differences can really be a tremendous way to approach updating and tending to systems that might have been built. Y the best and brightest but prove to have a gapping hole of security and trust this now introducing the concept of accountability.

No matter the long game strategy of a country, company, individual, we, the big We — earth kind — need to really start looking within in order to operate out.