The Responsive. The Responder. The Responsible.

I have been breaking a mold of security that I had only known in order to get to today for a stronger more aware tomorrow.

Being the tactical for hire, the operative, the agent. Blend in everywhere, belong nowhere. Focus on a declared other — a one and a single most important entity which required doing everything to keep them translated, protected, and sustained no matter what, by any means necessary with a sense of urgency even if it meant breaking protocol or even myself. Ego-intact work both in knowing how awesome it felt to have power of procuring, shepherding, and of protecting and also in upholding the protection of the other no matter who or what it was, even if they needed saving from themselves or perhaps even from what they were producing or stood for or were going. This aspect of security was responsible for the accepting and interpreting of wide sets and arenas of diverse scenarios and settings. Processing and embodying nervous systems, emotions and statuses of others, without regard to my own, to maintain their security and safety. It’s easy to forget how integral planning for anything is, especially when planning for something at its core for its core isn’t of the essence of this role. This is The Responsive.

It’s been an interesting reality to meet, to pay attention to, to be so inspired, and to have my heart-touched by someone recently that had rescued others and who saved lives as these lives were immediately struck by in between places of perhaps circumstance, of life or of death. A rescuer, a paramedic. Breathing life in, sustaining it, but also doing anything by any means necessary, by protocol, plan for scenarios, and with urgency to save. Heavily trained and also heavily tactical. But, ego-less work. Identifying and acting upon immediate situation without regard to their own emotions in order to revive or sustain the safety and security or another. This is The Responder.

But then there has been a whole new aspect to life and living that I’ve come to know within the last year of deepening my connection to myself and to that of my work being designed for a public — the relationship between humans, our systems, information, and our machines. It was ans entailed a much deeper aspect to planning.

This planning you see is how safety and security is being embedded and activated now and how to think about wide and diverse scenarios now that things are becoming individualized and distributed. That is a deeper transparency in and of accountability. I’m here to bring a nervous system to our machines that have planning, safety, and security triggered by the humans interaction.

Diving into the new work and mission of the responder (mentioned just a moment ago). It is so simple and so human. Our why behind our wise: emotions and caring. Supporting and uplifting others. Knowing your emotions and heart and why you’re there. And having a sense of what the responder had been doing in their past and seeing their new work has made me pay even deeper attention to my mission and the paradigm shift of today. This person is now going to wider and new lengths to enable so many more to participate in these empowered actions as members of the community and with human response. It also plays to their past in developing programs for and to a public. Simply, and in deep reflection, this new protocol both in their and my work presents something. This is the mix. A balance of the two, one equipped for the leading up to the responder and the one that holds the readiness and preparedness of the responsive. That is The Responsible.

The responsible has something embedded in it that is more important than either the responder or the responsive: the power to know what their actions and accounts do onto another. The responsible is one that is prepared, accountable, aware, ready. And to know ones own individual effect and affect of what happens by your actions and reactions…the ripples of your inward as they face outward. And in an era of responsive systems and responders, there is also a time of the responsible beyond the those that have represented us in the pasts that we know and are born into. It needs to be designed. I am on the path to bringing the responsible. And as measuring, measurements, and systems shift, we owe it to ourselves to learn the past and familiarize ourselves with our becoming now to lead ourselves and the next generations toward them self and toward a next generation of humanity.

Decentralization is this reality. Decentralization is an opportunity for real practical training, clicking in, responding responsibly, knowing more things more fully, and perhaps even greater than the immediate shocks to our nervous systems in many scenarios that we think that we know.

How will you recognize and become of accountable for your ripple effects today? what are you in charge of for another’s safety or security? How will you best adapt to setting or scenario?