Thrust into the Information Economy by getting to know your Beliefs. Here are a few of mine:

Little background — I’ve been working tirelessly and travelling endlessly across the US — boot strapped — in deep-stealth and research/consulting/infiltrating mode with prime and small time defense contractors, start ups, intelligence networks, defense dept leaders, makers, hackers, academics, analysts, founders, investors, politicos, social entrepreneurs, and literally beyond seeing, touching, testing, applying, and probing everything imaginable. My 17 year old self’s dream. And my 20 year old self’s dream of becomming a lobbyist or to enter a federal agency. The main narratives across the board were 1. that there is no failure to innovate, just a big failure to communicate and 2. that complexity changes everything. That’s where I come in.

As I launch my company Amunet Insights, a management consulting firm curating a high impact community & network, where we aim to facilitate effective communication within innovative technologies (serving defense, commercial, and NGO/human rights/planetary/sustainability), infrastructuralists, and exercising our method of a modernization to the tech acquisition and the procurement process, it fills me with tremendous excitement to thrust into the information economy by sharing some of my beliefs with you.

We are living in a very exciting time, and I argue even a new enlightenment.

If you have any questions on the future of tech infrastructure, political landscape, applications of new technologies, use of surveillance/monitoring tactics and high tech-connected tech for societal good, satellite vs drone, or cyber sec and data reputation, feel free to reach out! Or if you are working on any interesting challenges/solves — be it a pop up research lab — hardware — ideology — software — new fabric, entering a unique govt grant cycle, engaging with public leaders, technique etc — I’d love to review/discuss it. Many exciting things to come and to showcase.

Thank you for being a supportive, daring, and curious network!

Sloane J. Trugman
Amunet Insights 2016.

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