Twitter Censoring Trump Supporters
Mike Keen

I conducted some analysis on the top replies to Trump tweets. My data set is all Trump tweets between 2/1/2017 and 2/14/2017. This data set represents 85 Trump tweets.

-The following 19 users represented 58 out of the 85 top replies to Trump tweets: “@DavidGMcAfee” “@MrTommyCampbell” “@williamlegate” “@AJ” “@crehage” “@simonhedlin” “@azalben” “@ErickFernandez” “@tomcoates” “@aholdenj” “@mskristinawong” “@tonyposnanski” “@bessbell” “@rolandscahill” “@lpackard” “@mikd33” “@YourAnonCentral” “@KrisSanchez” “@jules_su”. “@DavidGMcAfee” had the top reply on 8 out of 85 tweets. Both “@MrTommyCampbell” and “@williamlegate” had the top reply on 5 out of 85 tweets.

-Each Trump tweet had 30,548 replies, on average.

-The top reply to a Trump tweet was critical of the President 85/85 times, or 100% of the time.

When I have more time I will expand my date range to include more Trump tweets.

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