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Slot machines are among the most popular games in the world of online gaming, as well as land casinos. The first machines were created in the late nineteenth century by Charles August Fey and have certainly come a long way since then. Opting for fun and exciting experience than their terrestrial counterparts offer them, online slot machines are innovative games that are more than just casino games. They provide players a unique, interactive gaming experience by offering them the chance to win life-changing money.


Slot machines are the most popular traditional casino games, so it was natural that they were strongly present when the online casinos began to take charge of the industry at the turn of the century. Today, online slot machines account for 70% of all income earned in the online casinos, which proves that they are by far the most popular game in the field.

A long way from the days of metal heavy slots machine box to mobile online slots such as fruity friend

History Of Online Slot Machines

In the 19th century, an individual named Charles August Fey invented and manufactured a slot machine called “Liberty Bell.” At the time, Fey was just a passionate mechanic. The genius inventor brought to light the very first slot machine in history, long before other precursors had time to set up the rules of slot machines we know today.

The Beginnings Of Marketing

Strategies to slot machines were also designed much later. Fey, owner of a small construction company of telephones was harnessed for the production of rolls of his famous “Liberty Bell.” Electric instruments and several parts allowed the first sub-frame to find the machine. Unfortunately, a rival to Charles August Fey, Gustav Shultz, discovered the device before its original creator can file a patent. In possession of the manufacturing drawings, Shultz marketed a few days later the “Liberty Bell” that he had no remorse to appropriate.

Metal & Electromechanical

Shultz and men who preceded him — Mills and Witling, had plenty of time to change, modify and transform the “Liberty Bell.” Soon finished and covered with metal, the new prototype even had colored symbols on its reels: Liberty Bell, ace of spades, heart, diamond and horseshoe, these were the images that were suggested through multiple combinations already offered by the second mechanical slot machine. Long after, the complexity of symbols and operation roller allowed implementing the progressive jackpot system as it exists in terrestrial and virtual casinos today. In 1960, however, the first model was based bally electromechanical slot machine. It’s already the end of the metal pattern.

The First Stakes

Already badly perceived, the first slot machines had to undergo another major transformation from Mills. They attributed a distributor of candy and replaced the initial symbols with fruits such as orange and lemon. This trivial transformation allowed that slot machine will not be banned in public schools. Similarly, these changes had resulted in the definition of a real operation for the slot machines: players could bet money hoping that the combinations would be effective enough to win them a candy. Later, sweets were exchangeable against money or alcohol.

Modern Developments & The “Liberty Bell”

One of the main players in this market, M. Fey, was a German immigrant to the United States, fleeing his European life. Having worked for several companies, he had experience in electrical and mechanical work.
It is in the final year of the 19th century that he developed, after several non-successful inventions, the Liberty Bell machine that everyone regards as the real first slot machine. It was revolutionary in its construction as it consisted of three cylindrical coils which have the outer diameter painted symbols, by ten coils. So if you multiply 10 X 10 X 10, you get 1000 results opportunities. It was much more than previous machines.
Only half of the 20th century, these machines have been improved by the introduction of new mechanical and electronic technologies. It will also add redistribution of automated gains.

Casinos & Slot Machines

Soon, the success of slot machines arrived as they were placed in casinos. Today, you realize that the space occupied by the one-arm bandits, as they were called before, is phenomenal. The establishments are home to several hundred machines, stacked next to each other, ready to repay thousands of Euros, or Dollars.

Slot Machines Today

Today, slot machines are on display in the windows of casinos and other gaming circles. The majority of countries have adopted legislation that allows slot machines. Now also transposed to the online casinos, slot machines are accompanied by promotional benefits. You can discover several slots tournaments that have emerged, as well as different types of players, the objective remains to win at slots. The bonuses offered by the slot machines are indeed numerous and allow many players to win huge gains. A big thanks to Charles August Fey!

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