Slow Meat 101

The Slow Food Guide to Meat

by Keith Gotcliffe

What is Slow Meat?

Slow Meat is meat raised humanely, naturally and with minimal impact on the environment. It is a fair deal for producers and processors. It is public understanding and appreciation of meat’s value. Slow Meat convenes a diversity of opinions and experiences to shape the future of meat. Slow Food will host its second Slow Meat event June 4–6, 2015 in Denver, Colorado. The event will raise awareness and inspire actions to address the challenge of meat production and consumption in two ways: by celebrating sustainably raised meat and its producers, and by bringing together a diverse group of delegates, involved in all stages of the meat food chain from field to fork, in order to document and generate strategies for activating our large grassroots network.


Chicken by the numbers

2767%: Increase in broilers raised 1950–2015

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Beef by the numbers

Texas: #1 state for cow production

A Cow of a Reading List:


Credit: CALM Action/Flickr/CC by 2.0
Credit: George Chris/CC by 3.0

Pigs, quantified.

Iowa: #1 state for pig production

Even more on pigs.

Good, clean, fair food for all.

Good, clean, fair food for all.