Extremely well researched and written, incorporating many angles to create a balanced picture.
Will Jelbert

Thanks Will, and I agree. In no way do I want to put people off going to AA for support if that is what works for them. I have not personally attended AA but am actively trying to learn from people who have been involved. A good friend of mine who is involved in the step program similarly pointed out to me that in his experience, the model works well -for many people. Which, believe me, I am glad to hear. I believe it has a place but mostly didn’t want to dwell on the merits of AA because a) I think (at least in my sociocultural environment) it is conventionally considered a reliable and effective program — the ‘go to’ for alcohol misuse/dependency and b) Having any one model dominating the discourse around addiction (or any complex issue) is worrying- we could risk sitting idle in an echo chamber. I am interested in the other side of the discussion, the side we see less often: the ’support that’s not AA’ discussion. It doesn’t seem like AA is going anywhere anytime soon, but I do know that there are people who tried AA, and found it didn’t work for them. Thanks for sharing your experiences/understanding of the AA program, I think it its absolutely essential that we hear all voices in this conversation.