As We Become Cameras
Matt Hackett

Thanks for this interesting story about the time as a product of the human race. Hard to believe how people lived without clocks and synchronised time.

The main difference between cameras and time is the fact that time is a universal thing that doesn’t allow any interaction. Time is like the sky — it’s there, everybody can see it but nobody can influence it. At least as Average Joe.

Cameras give you much more possibilities. They expand your point of view. Nowadays our smartphones and the internet allow us to see almost every point on the earth no matter where we are. And that’s the main problem of a world where cameras are ubiquitous: You can see what you want, but nobody can protect himself or the things he want to protect from other people’s eyes from being watched. As long as this problem isn’t solved, cameras won’t be ubiquitous at all. And I hope, they never become.

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