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Another day in wind and dust began to churn on this empty street. Looking up to the bare sky where nothing was happening is the same thing as looking all around this dusty town. Nothing was happening now or ever as far as I could see. The wind blew in another waitful thought and I didn’t want to wait. The quiet stockyards could be smelt even far away. They seemed so near right now. There was one thought that just occurred which I wanted to keep. The one thought was of the bull. Strong, straight, tall, wide and heavy. I wanted to climb up on this bull and hang on. I wanted to dream of never letting go. Through every ride and every stop and every show. I dreamed of never letting go. White all over with red eyes and loud breaths this bull was mine. It looked back at me and looked up at me as I rode. It glared and it spit. It was my bull on every turn and every pass up and over and around in dizzying circles this bull was mine. I won it every time I rode. This bull was big and bright. It knew how to throw me off and I just wanted to ride. As the bull sprang into the air I waited hood down as it fell hard on the dirty ground. It would be like riding a big ship in a great storm. Up and down the bull went and up and down I went with the bull. It felt like hours on the bull and yet it was only seconds still counting slowly seconds. Flying around in a tight circle the bull went, and up came its big head turned and I went around the other side to miss it. Heavy were the bull’s shoulders as it cut the air slowly. I needed to be faster and faster it needed to be. To throw me off was all of its dining pleasure at this table of waiting. Up above the bull was the whole world watching. Make it or break it was the two sides of one thought in the arena. Louder and louder the bull became. Stronger was hiding inside of the bull. If it came out I would either go with it or fall away. The only thought right now is time falling away.
The bull jumped up and turned around I quickly turned around as it did. The flying dirt found another place away from my eyes as the timer squealed onto 8. Hope, joy, peace and salvation danced with me as the bull slowed down. This was the moment when time fell into its place in no more counting. Softer the bull felt as he stopped turning around. He looked at me as though I won. I looked back at him as though he won. Lightning fast and suddenly slow we both ran into time together. To the shattering stop I could tell he was done. I looked upon him in this same way. Sitting off and standing on the dirty ground I looked at him as the winner when this show now was finally done. What a jolting journey that just was as I looked around this dusty town. Deep scents of the stockyard could yet be found. This was my dream that I believe one day will take me on journeys to other bigger towns. One day I will ride that white bull and this will happen just in my dream I have found.

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