Episode 4: These 95 Theses ain’t gonna post themselves.

So, I’ve been lax on getting this one out there. I have been hesitant because this episode focuses a lot on two different Christian faiths, Catholic and Lutheran. For me these aren’t exotic topics…they’re actually topics my family might have discussed as kids. An interesting topic that came up is the struggle to maintain a spiritual life when your community is not spiritual at all.

Our guests both grew up in a faith that they have not abandoned in adulthood. In fact, both Alexis and Nathan are figuring out how the faith of their childhood fits into their life in the bigger world today.

I also really appreciated the big contrast in experience our guests (Alexis and Nathan) described. While both had families that were really active and involved in the Lutheran church, Alexis’s experience was more wayfaring than Nathan’s. Her family spent time in multiple churches in an effort to find the right faith for them. For Nathan, church was everything — 6 days a week spent with the community that church provided, doing everything from baseball to bible study together.

So — here’s a small bibliography. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Lutheran Missouri Synod


Martin Luther and the 95 Theses -

You might be a Lutheran if you developed a list of things you can’t stand about a large organization everyone else is in.

Crazy Mormon proxy-baptisms

Gah — super gross. I also found links showing that the Mormon church owns Ancestry.com. I mean, i know you guys want more people in the faith, but this is really more about co-dependency and spiritual narcisism.

The loop hole, song

Bahahahahaha. If i had been anywhere near having sex as a teenager, this is what i’d have wanted to have in my life.

Catholics don’t study the Bible

Catholics aren’t you’re average Christians, we don’t have Bible study, we have mandatory Mass (missing a Sunday = points off of heaven). Turns out, though, the Mass is the Catholic version of Bible study. The priest delivers the messages through the endless endless Mass. (If you’re priest loves song, you’ll be there longer. Thanks Father Flach.).