Episode 5: Adorably Terrifying Macabre Atheist Nature Comedy Lover

When I was noodling around on how I wanted to talk to lots of people about their spiritual leanings and beginnings — I happened to eat a lot of food one night with Miles. We talked about growing up Catholic and being completely not-Catholic now, and from there our similarities were non-existent. Me being all “My teachers talk of energetic practices that can heal anything through the mind” and “what if we are stardust?” and him being all “A sunset is beautiful just cause it exists. So shut up about that stuff!” The conversation pretty much ended with me saying, “But ya, what if the Roman gods did exist on earth, but they were energetically too big a deal for us and had to take off?” And Miles saying “Aw, God. Everything’s about fucking energy with you.”

So — that sums up our differences. But this podcast isn’t about me…it’s about Miles. Please enjoy!

Miles’s history of North STL Catholic churches

Um, I googled a little, and St. Louis has a total historical niche if anyone wants to take it up.

Donut Drive-in

Um, I can’t remember who Miles said was ‘the best’ donut in STL…and knowing him it’s changed since we recorded it (he has so many opinions)so we’ll go with Fieri here.

Soul Splice

Matt’s my home-slice, Miles’s soul splice. Um, and this includes necromancy. Ew, Miles.

The fucking Amoco Sign

Sometimes I think Matt says things to see if they’ll show up in this bibliography.



Miles has opinions on delicious foods, those opinions are not the opinions of the bibliographer of this podcast. Dude, they now have lunchables with gummy worms in oreo dirt. This level of product development with unnecessary packaging is just masturbatory, Kraft. If you take away the turkey/cheese/crackers combos, I’ll protest.

Satan — Light bringer.

Ok, nerding out. I first came upon the idea of Lucifer or the devil as one of God’s chosen ones in a book my Mark Twain.

Here’s also some more on the mythology of Lucifer.

Hooking up at Youth Camp

More evidence that teenagers like to try sex. Um, ya. It’s a truth. For everybody but kristy.

Mental Health Reminder.

If a mental health professional tells you you need meds, maintain them well and take care of yourself. ❤ ❤ ❤

Uncomfortable but incredibly enlightening sex talk.

We learn, we grow. Seriously. This is not a bit, but includes a lot of bits.