The Marriage of the Quaker and the Nihilist

After a long hiatus, I bring you this. I worked with Liz when I was a contractor at Anheuser-Busch. She’s fantastically brilliant and when I described the podcast to her, she told me that she was becoming a quaker and that her then-fiance was a nihilist who “bums atheists out”.

For your perusal, here is the bibliography. But I think you’ll note as you listen, these are not folks who spout information w/o complete confidence in its source.

Matt and I, tho, do need fact checking. Enjoy!

European Alt-Right

My impression of France & Europe was that it is a liberal utopia. Liz schooled me on how the alt-right lives there just as it does in America.

A recent Atlantic article about that…


As i think about nihilism and listen to dave talk about it, the phrase from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody — ”Nothin’ really matters…”

Also — Matt (not this matt, other matt) let us know about nihilism and his acceptance of atheism in our very first podcast interview- Atheism & the Nihilist Pit.

Catholicism and Hell — breathe easy, heathens.

Non-catholics are no longer going to hell .

Politics — left-wing is basically right-wing

The political spectrum is a circle — social theorists have a few models they look at but if you are reading this and feel vehemently that the other end of the spectrum is evil. Sorry dude.

They are you is them. Love — the political middle.

Object permanence

So Dave’s excellent explanation of how he came to characterize himself as a nihilist comes from learning about object permanence. But all I can find are child psychology references — and he was talking about coding.

So here’s some info on child psychology.

Fucking Militant Atheist turns Militant Evangelical Christian.

I have no reference that validates that I assume that a brain that embraces militant atheists are pretty much built exactly like those that embrace an evangelical anything. I did find this article on the psychology of militant atheism and how it’s a myth.

Atheists becoming quakers

Some quaker meetings are dropping god altogether .

St. Louis Quakers

Bring your knitting, you meditation app, and commune with these gentle people.

Quaker nazis — not real. Not a real thing that I can tell.