Practice relentlessly

I started recording periscope streams this year in June.

I’ve never done live streaming before in front of an audience, regardless of size. Nor have I spoke live before and had to therefore keep the conversation flowing.

I’ve now done over 40+ periscope streams and my confidence has grown immensely. I’m much better at it than I was in the beginning because I practiced relentlessly.

So whatever you lack confidence in, practice it relentlessly and be consistent.

The same principle applies to all other areas of your life. You have to practice non stop, relentlessly, whilst being OK with failure and making mistakes.

The more you practice:

  1. The more you learn about yourself.
  2. The better you get.
  3. The quicker you’ll reach your destination.
  4. The smarter you’ll become because of countless mistakes.
  5. The sharper your skills will become.

Don’t underestimate this point. Your confidence will suffer without it.