The Kwanzaa Awards 2015 — Day 6: Kuumba means Creativity

To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

My Wheelhouse. Time and time again we have shown our power in the arts and all other forms of creativity. Creativity is our magnet, our conduit. Use it or Lose it. Black 2 The Future.

Through Kuumba we can build a bright #AfroFuture. art by Komi Olaf

The Kuumba Players

This one is a very special edition broken down into categories. Everyone listed here is someone i know personally, or know of them. I am just one person. This is just a small taste of the true creative power of the Atlanta community. Study and Soak it All Up.

Visual Artists — Miya Bailey. The OG. of OG’s — Goldi Gold C.Flux Sing — Corey Davis — Notch 8 Gallery — Elevate Atlanta — All Around Bada$$ — Vek Neal — FLUX Projects — FRKO — Michi Meko — Brandon Sadler

Curators, Tastemakers, Designers, Lifestyle — Dres The Beatnik — Fort Knox — Sofia XIV — Danasia Fantastic

Writers and Journalists — Jacinta Howard — Author and Journalist — Maurice Garland — Journalist and Day 1 Radio Co-Founder — Rodney Carmichael an ATL national treasure. THEE Atlanta Journalist. — 
Anne-Laure Tai Saint-Louis a Fie Journalist, Author and host of ABL Radio’s The Download

Filmmakers, Directors — The Bredren and overall great guy/filmmaker/videographer — Will Feagins Jr

ChristmasinJuly1982. A Slam Dunk of a film that accurately captures the feeling and energy of the next wave of ATL Creatives pushing the envelope towards change.
House of June got them BARS. FR FR.

The Music Makers of Atlanta.

The ATL Kuumba Project. This playlist features almost 80+ unique and creative Atlanta based or birthed Artists that i personally know or know of them. This is our POWER. — Partake.