Planting with Purpose

The Niagara Farm Project: A new kind of FARMACY

Who should we turn to when we are in need help?

Gone are the days we can trust in the “system.” If there ever was a day you could.

Are they really gone?

Which system are we talking about?

The secret’s out: cash rules.

Or does it? Who says?

Who’s rules are these?

More importantly, do we even care?

Maybe we need to ask the question differently.

What do we need to live well?

Let’s see… Hmm. What’s vital to our existence?


Ah yes. We all need food don’t we.

We’ve heard the body is a temple. In a physical sense then, no matter who is occupying that body, healthy food would be best. No one is excluded.

I think we can all agree on that?

Nutritious, delicious food is ground zero. In the physical world.

For our health and for our lives.

Our quality of life is dependent on how we choose to live our lives, so if we want to change the way we are living our lives to improve the quality — well, WE CAN.

Suffice to say we can make our own rules.

So, we are.

From here forward we are planting our own food. Raising our own livestock.

We are deciding for ourselves what goes into our bodies and we are educating ourselves as to what methods are the best farming practices, (not just the most convenient $).

We are getting to work.

We are observing the environment and continually learning from it in order to apply what we know. We respect and honor what we see for ourselves. What we experience for ourselves.

We are living the way we want to, surrounding ourselves with good people and actively giving back into the community.


We care enough to see how we might provide for our very selves, our families as well as others, well into the future.

We understand.

We are the Niagara Farm Project.

We are living just outside the box, but close enough to still be able to reach ub and pull others out to safety.

In time we’ll create a circle.

We’re starting over and bringing back simple.

Managing our lives and the woes of the world collectively.

It’s purely enjoyable actually, in the heart of chaos, to be able to witness your own efforts help change wrong to right.

To be there for someone. To have someone be there for you.

Niagara, it’s time to unite. Rich with poor, black with white and young with old.

Join us.

The plan is so basic: Shower the community with love by filling their bellies.

Now is the perfect time, and that is all.

We are building a self-reliant food economy because it’s not another pill we need.

It’s a seed.

the grapevine


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