It’s really quite something to end up with a harvest, specifically from the seeds that we have all planted.

What’s even more interesting is that the amazing food we produce? It is just somehow a bi-product - a glorious bonus.

The real gift has actually been stepping outside of the box.

This has been about witnessing the creation of something new and yet, it is also the result of pure intention.

Regardless, the only way this is done is through collaboration… and we have gotten to experience it on a new level.

Every single person that has come into contact with this type of truth, has needed an outlet. An infrastructure for “how”.

We decided to create one. The title, “The Niagara Farm Project” was formed to simply represent a new opportunity. An open door.

The choice will always remain yours, whether or not you walk through it.

The people that will, and the people that are? Every single one of us is excited.

Every single one of us knows we have something to offer each other. We’ve always wanted to help and we want change but we weren’t quite sure “how”.

Until now.