I wonder if my son should be playing near there. The pesticide run-off can’t be good, “EliJah, watch out babe, come over here to play please”.

Hmm. That sucks. I’m not sure but I’d rather not take the chance.

Then another.

That soy crop looks different. “D, remember a couple years ago when we used to drive by these fields and that same plant looked just like ground cover? Now it comes up to my waist!”


Ok. What’s up with these GMO’s anyway.

And another.

I know the crop behind my house is going to be either genetically modified soy or genetically modified corn. From what I know they rotate between the two because it depletes the soil to plant the same crop year after year. This year its soy.

(It’s midnight, and a large tractor just woke me up).

If it’s GMO, why are they spraying?”

The next day I talk to Peter, my neighbour who rents out his land to the farmer: “I don’t get it, why are they spraying the GMO Soy, i thought it was suppose to be resistant or whatever. What’s the point?”

Peter: “It is resistant. Everything else dies.”


K, this is starting to bug me.

You know what it is? It makes me feel helpless.

It seems to be happening everywhere — it’s literally happening in my very own backyard.

Next thought?

I need to look into this. There has got to be something I can do.



the grapevine


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