Local Clothing Drive Ready for Round 2

This past winter Small Scale Farms, Textile Waste Diversion, Black Sheep Lounge in Welland, Mahtay Cafe in St. Catharines, The City of Niagara Falls Cemetery Services Department, Noble Crow Tattoo and multiple residents all participated in one massive clothing drive in the Niagara region. The results of their efforts we outstanding, pulling in over 2 tons of used clothing and textiles!

What happens to the clothing?

Small Scale Farms has partnered with Textile Waste Diversion to not only help keep textiles out of our landfills, but also to help raise money for local, healthy food. Textile Waste Diversion is a small, locally owned textile collections company, fighting to keep large corporations from continuing to monopolize the textile industry.

The second hand economy is a valuable one. It’s so simple but keeping this industry local not only easily helps those in need, it also brightens many along with way with clothing swaps, and gently used gifts for others. It keeps local, local. Now, we’ve even found a way to turn our second hand clothing into profits that provide more healthy meals and encourage more local farmers.

How do I get Involved?

Bin locations. We are currently looking for both permanent outdoor locations, as well as businesses willing to host indoor 4 ft sq bins. If you are a business or someone who can help us organize a clothing drive, please contact Small Scale Farms @ 1–844-SOW-SEEDS or info@smallscalefarms.ca.

Current Locations

Budget Appliances: 332 King Street, Welland, ON
Please call ahead. Contact Bradley Ulch: (905) 708–7901

Maria Rondinone: Thorold, ON
Contact: mrondinone@msn.com

Thank you for your support. Our various initiatives are designed to improve local food production and continually help feed Niagara residents, healthy meals.