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Niagara Farm Project — Keys to Success

Mind Map

The following information has been broken down in an attempt to get clear on the ways in which the Niagara Farm Project can achieve it’s mission and goals. Essentially this outline will point to the best practices for implementing a fully functional, self sustaining entity — The Niagara Region at large.

The People

The NFP is currently operating as a non profit organization, with 3 board members who are ultimately responsible for maintaining the vision of this project — increasing sustainable living methods through permaculture principles.

From there we split up each of the TO DO’S into categories, further clarifying the roles of the core group. There are 2 aspects to the NFP mission, (self reliant food economy) — awareness and sustainable agriculture.

The initiatives of the organization itself will continue to be that which the Niagara residents create as a collective, allowing for everyone to have a voice. Within this this structure, whatever you want to do, that fits into the vision, is possible. Let’s do it. Together. Let’s sit down and plan something together. Let’s each do our part. This basic model provides the actual structure by which we cultivate sustainability — for the entire region.

Project Advocates

These are the NFP champions. Here you will find everyone from the Executive Director to the volunteers in the field. Our participants, and our farmers, our students and our children, everyone is equal. We all have something to give.

Community Outreach

One of the categories which encapsulate the educational component of this project is community outreach. Here we see the need for teachers, instructors, practitioners, and marketing professionals. These are the NFP ambassadors, active in their own fields but able to contribute their thoughts and ideas, as well as their skills and time to the project. Every bit helps. They are simply helping spread the word, and yet they are collectively creating the means by which others can get involved themselves.

These positions include NFP Program Instructors, Marketing Managers, and Volunteer Co-ordinators. We welcome your help.

Land Advocates

Here you find the horticulturists and farmers currently practicing sustainable agriculture. The Niagara Farm Project providing the structure by which these people can unite is key, it is a basic method by which we can increase our knowledge base and optimize our resources.

The necessary leaders in this section are the permaculture campaigners, the people already living out self sustainable methods. They are our role models, our examples from which we can pull inspiration and see the ways in which we can all contribute into the bigger picture.

Each Niagara Farm Project property has committed to growing food sustainably. We are taking this very seriously, there’s no more time to waste.


Collaboration with local farmers is the highlight of this initiative. Participants and volunteers of the project will learn from farmers who have years of experience. This information is to be handed down so we can carry it on. This is about doing it right.

Heritage and rare breed animals will make up each of our herds. They will be found on at least 2 of the NFP locations this summer. This is how the Niagara Farm Project organization becomes further self reliant.


Recognizing this project is equally about both education and sustainable agriculture reveals the dynamic nature by which we can see that the doing, is coupled with the knowledge of how to do it.

The Niagara Farm Project asks of those who have the knowledge, to share it with the people who also want to apply it. This formula creates the basis from which we can all see our own personal role clearer; sometimes we just simply know what needs to change and sometimes we are out activity changing it. Whatever your part, it will constantly evolve and the entire community benefits from your contribution.

Material Resources

— Do you have something you’re not using anymore?

Aquaponics Components

  • Large Aquariums
  • Pumps


  • Shovels
  • Wheel barrows
  • Pitch forks, rakes
  • Hoses, irrigation equipment


  • Large old bins with lids

Sheet Mulching

  • Compost source
  • Cardboard source
  • Mulch source

*The Niagara Farm Project accepts any donation that will help the cause or help someone in the crew. Any questions can be answered by calling 1–844-SOW-SEED.


Sow Seeds — These programs are for anyone looking to become more self-reliant. They are for our kids, young and old. They are for the adults, the parents, the teachers, they are for us.

Would you like to see gardening in our schools? Would you like to learn how to can enough tomato sauce to last the winter? Would you like to grow your own food?

Anything is possible. Let’s encourage each other to create the kind of community we want to be a part of.

If you are a homeschooler parent, or you are looking to teach a skill, or you know of anyone able to help in this regard please contribute your thoughts and creativity into our programs. We are able to reach more people with your help.

NFP Locations

The Niagara Farm Project is up to 20 Farm in a Box locations. We are currently the stewards of over 50 acres of land, with 30 more we can’t even get to. We will need more people to help the collective grow more food.

Each of these locations will be farmed using permaculture principles and techniques. Any additional property donated to the NFP will be managed with these methods, functioning as both an individual sustainable farm and contributing to the larger structure that is the NFP local food initiative, the Essential Food Program. Over time, with multiple locations functioning as one, the entire region will come to sustain itself as a whole.

The Essential Food Program

This is where it all comes together. Picture 20 families. They each spend $100 a dollars a week at the grocery store, (if not more). Take those 20 people and combine their grocery money so you can at least buy in bulk. Now you have $2000.

Ok now let’s cook.

Let’s make 3 meals a day, for 7 days, together. Ok let’s get various chefs to help us organize it, and help us cook it.

Why wouldn’t we have this be where all of the Niagara Farm Project’s produce and meat goes? All of our properties, contributing into one large food program. Consumers get healthy, local prepared food once a week for cheaper than they could at the grocery store, and the Niagara Farm Project has itself a self-reliant revenue stream. When we don’t have the food product ourselves, we too can also buy local, as a collective, supporting other farmers in their quest to become more self-reliant throughout the seasons.

Now we hope it is clear why the Niagara Farm Project is a “non” profit.

Take the “profit” of this food program, (ie one in every community), and now you can offer the same healthy food to people living below the poverty line at a discounted price. The proceeds of this program can directly feed a family for the entire month if we need to, for only $50! Every time someone pays for this program, someone else who can’t afford to pay the full price has access to healthy food.

This program is happening in real time, and we are starting with what and who we have at this very moment. Not only will this program cut our carbon footprint by enforcing seasonal eating as much as possible, it will also cut back on waste. The end goal is also to have all of our meals portioned using reusable containers.

Various incentives will result in real change. This program encourages the collective to take individual responsibility seriously. We need you if you are willing to help us expand this methodology to reach others who also want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We welcome you.


Learning together has got to be the easiest way to go about this. Admit what you don’t know and seek to learn more. This is a community, that everyone can be a part of in their own way. Inevitably the marketing strategy is actually an awareness campaign, aimed at wellbeing. We all want the same things in life, but we get distracted. Some of us just simply aren’t paying enough attention.

The Niagara Farm Project is calling on those in the community who can help with this. Graphic designers, videographers, web developers, we need you to help reach people. To help spread the word.

There’s another way.

Co-Marketing Practices with likeminded partners, combined with word of mouth, will increase Niagara’s valuable small business industry as well as increase local food production within the region. This is just simply something we must do together. No matter how it is coined, we are not in competition with each other, we are here trying to change the way it’s currently, corporately, being done. Our methods are being put forward to secure a self-reliant food economy. To grow Niagara as a whole.

The Database

The Database is how we can all see who’s who. Who’s helping, who needs the help, and what needs to be done. It’s how you join. It is set up as a simple entry form, Who are you? What do you have to give? And what are you looking to receive? This is how we keep track and get to know each other. Rest assured, those who can help each other, will.

Those who do not want to be a part of this? Don’t have to be.

The choice is yours.

Planting with Purpose

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