About background of Jamala’s song

When strangers are coming…
When the very last applause had stopped at Kyiv’s stage, people started to discuss is Jamala’s song politic or not.
 We used to hear songs about lost love at Eurovision Song Contest. We used to hear “you are the one for me” and “why have you gone”. Why, when it’s going about love of mothers to their lost kids, of kids to their killed parents, of man to lost wife and of people to their land what was taken away, people are saying it’s “politics”?
 Song of Jamala has deep background of event happened on 18th May 1944, when in 3 days 230 thousand people were deported by USSR government from Crimea to Middle Asia (without food, water, mostly women, old people and kids).
 There is a book about it. Author is from UK, so she has not “personal” interests in it. You can read just a few the first chapters to understand how it was. http://www.amazon.com/Dream-Land-Lily-Hyde-ebook/dp/B00FXSL7PG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1456176300&sr=8-1&keywords=dream+land+lily#reader_B00FXSL7PG

Song “1944” is not political. It’s just a song of losing loved one and Motherland. It’s just about how sad when people do bad things and cover it by good reasons. It’s about how easy to kill person: just close eyes and be careless.
 It’s the 1st my article about it. I’m stubborn, I’m going to tell more about Crimean Tatars and Crimea, not only about past.

Knowledge of mistakes of past can help to build happy future…