Something — not famous — about Ukraine

There are some places and things in Ukraine, very interesting, but not very famous. I want to tell you about them now.

“Tunnel of love” (also known as “Love Tunnel”) is in 30 km to West from Rivne (at Rivne-Lutsk road). In Soviet times, near it was secret military base, so Soviets had to hide their trains. Now it’s became place for lovers. If you come here with your love-one, you’ll be together forever (some say, you’d to share kiss there or to walk holding hands and only then you be lovers forever). And YES. There ARE trains still!

Tunnel of Love :)

Lutsk castle of 14 century. It played VERY important role in 14–15 centuries for east Europe. It’s seen a lot of kings and other officials. Castle survived in 2 World wars and still has 75% of its originality. Now it’s museum. You can see many interesting things there.

Gate’s tower of Lutsk Castle. :)

Rivne’s oldest Church. Built in 1756 year, it still helps local people to heal their soul from pain. It’s made from wood and without a nail. Cool. Isn’t it? You can visit it at the way from Lviv to Kyiv or from Kyiv to Lutsk.

Wooden church (without nails). Rivne (West of Ukraine) ;)

Rivne is a small (around 250’000 citizens) city at West of Ukraine. Except wooden church and cafes you can visit here local Zoo. It’s very good, maybe 1 of the best in Ukraine.

Some citizens of Rivne’s Zoo ;)

Telling you about places to see, I have also to think about food. Do you like wine? You can taste and buy very good one at South of Ukraine. In ~55 km to east from Odessa, you can visit town Koblevo. There is amazing wine-shop of local wine. You can find there all sorts from dry to sweet. Of cause, you can buy their production in every Ukrainian supermarket, but firm’s shop will propose you more of excellent drink.

Koblevo, where wine is magic :)

And of cause — chocolate. Do you like it? I love it! I’ve tried a lot of different countries, but I think 1 of the best is Lviv handmade. Here you see their shop in Zhitomir. But they have shops in many other cities (like: Lviv, Kyiv and Odessa). You can find here a lot of candies, chocolates and hot drink.

Zhitomir. Lviv handmade chocolates :)

And the last thing. Ukraine is mostly famous for Chernobyl. Don’t panic, going to Ukraine. There wonderful birds don’t live in bad ecology.

Stork’s family at North-West of Ukraine ;)