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I told myself I wouldn’t do this, but today it’s well and truly time for a rant on my coronavirus state-of-affairs opinion.

I am not a medical professional, and I’m not trying to give medical advice. I’m just someone trying to get by during this pandemic and finding the UK Government advice and pandemic control systems just a little bit laughable.

In the UK, our new NHS test and trace app has just been released. Adverts on every social media channel have been bombarding me all morning, asking me to download the app. …

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So, I joined the Medium beta app. It looks very promising, and the style is nice. I like the black background sections on the home page contrasting against the white. It’s got class.

While it has a few odd glitches, like the repeated paragraph, generally this new Medium app looks good and does the job.

…Right up until I want to browse.

The Situation

Here I am, up at 5 am thanks to a screaming baby, unable to get back to sleep, and looking for some entertaining reads. I come to Medium, thinking my night is sorted. Except it’s not.

The Medium homepage is failing to entice me to read anything at all. But how? …

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I’d been looking at event suppliers selling cocktails and gin, then I stumbled across an Instagram account for another local drinks supplier of some sort. Was it another cocktail cart? Scroll, scroll, scroll. It took me a good 10 minutes to work out for sure that this was, in fact, a venue. Quite a big venue at that, as they also did food and discos. They probably presumed that most people looking at their Instagram account would already know that, but here I was, new to the area, left wondering until I got to about the 80th post down.

How could they do that? Surely that’s the most important thing to convey to the customer, right? You’d want that information in the bio, for sure. “Hi, this is our fantastic venue! Check out our regular party nights and steak…


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Management consultant & trainer sharing inspiring ideas on business, marketing, and life. (MBA student | MCMI | ACIM | MIDM) 🌿 @AngelaSmange

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