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I’ve been trying to pull together a community of freelancers and other remote workers for a while. I know we’re all working away, alone in our houses, and occasionally have moments we’re we’d like to chat to other freelancers, to vent about clients from hell or kids slapping our laptops or whatever it is that’s bugging us.

There’s also the fun stuff to share, like what we’re listening to, jobs we don’t have time to do, and cool productivity tips. Basically, it’s nice to have people to chat to about our day-to-day work activities, just like you would in the break room of an office.

I’ve tested out groups on all the big platforms, and while they’re good and do serve a purpose, they’re not really good for just dropping in and chatting. Facebook comes close if there’s a thread you’re following, but if you don’t feel you have anything specific worth posting to the group, you might not trigger the conversation. So, I needed something better.

Enter Slack. It’s designed by the makers of the original Flickr, and the fabulous game Glitch, which sadly got pulled while I was off having babies. This team of geniuses ROCK and what they’ve created at Slack is awesome and keeps evolving every day.

Now, at we’ve been using Slack for our team chat for a while now. We gave it a go one day and within a few hours had decided to make it home. It is absolutely ideal for distributed teams, as we can chat about all the topics and projects that we’re involved in, and ignore the rest. The Slack integrations mean we can bring in information from Trello or RSS or whatever we need. It’s brilliant.

So, I’m surprised that it took until I joined #nomads to realise that this was exactly what the world of remote online workers really needed. It is absolutely the perfect platform for a bunch of freelance workers and entrepreneurs to chat about life and foster a real community.

Come sign up at to get your invite to the Slack community. Once you’re in, you can use to find it again, or grab the Slack app for your smartphone to stay in touch even more easily.

BTW, A massive hat-tip goes to @levelsio for the inspiration and the instructions to set up an automatic invite system.

Come join us!

Originally published at on January 12, 2015.

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