Border Wall: What is Donald Trump’s Mexico Wall Hiding?

The border wall isn’t the story. The border wall hides the story.

The 45th President of the United States began his historic campaign by descending on a golden escalator to remind us all how Mexicans are rapists (and some of them, I assume, are good people). Soon after, he announced what would become his battle cry and his first and most concrete campaign promise — to build a wall along the nation’s southern border to protect us from…I still don’t know.

Well folks, it only took him six days to make it happen. Later today, Donald Trump will sign an executive action to build the wall.

“Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall!” These were the chants that sounded across every exhausting campaign stop for Trump. In the background of any other scandal, those words rang out, shouted by ardent supporters at the tops of their lungs.

Of course, there’s no evidence that Mexico will pay for it. That has been the absurd claim of Trump since the beginning of this ludicrous wall business. Now he has softened his stance, saying that the wall will be built and then Mexico will reimburse us later.

The only idea dumber than thinking Mexico will pay us to build the wall is thinking they’ll pay us after we’ve built the wall.

But the wall isn’t the story. The wall hides the story.

Today’s announcement is apparently the first step in a series of anti-immigration policies to be enacted by our President Trump. He plans to cut down on the number of refugees who can enter America, halting them altogether from some nations. For President Trump, it isn’t America First. It’s America Only. Whether it’s a wall, a blockage, a ban, a gag order or a slew of alternative facts, in Trump’s America and nobody matters unless they fall in line.

The nation of immigrants no longer accepts them. That is the new standing order from our chief executive.

Your tired. Your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe. Try somewhere else. That’s the new slogan of our once great nation… now hiding behind a wall of fear and anger and ignorance and hate.

The wall isn’t the story. The wall hides the story.

Today’s top story is simply this:

America has turned its back on the rest of the world.

Thanks Donald. Only 1,456 days left in your term.

Originally published at SmarksOn.

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