Meet the minds behind Swagger & SoapUI — Facebook Live Event tomorrow at 7pm EST!

Eager to meet the great minds behind Swagger & SoapUI? Tune into our Facebook Live event tomorrow — the panel will begin at 7pm EST.

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Here’s a little background on two of our six API panelists:

Tony Tam — Creator of Swagger, SmartBear | LinkedIn — Twitter
Tony Tam has been the driving force behind Swagger, the leading API description format used by developers in almost every modern programming language & deployment environment to design and deliver APIs that fuel IoT, microservices and mobile applications, since it began in 2011.
Ole Lensmar — Creator of SoaupUI, SmartBear Software | LinkedIn — Twitter
Ole Lensmar is chief technology officer at SmartBear Software. Ole is the co-founder of Eviware Software which was acquired by SmartBear in 2011. At Eviware Software, Ole created SoapUI, now the most used open source-testing tool in the world with five million downloads and one million active users.

Learn more about the remaining API experts here!

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