GAS price update.

Due to the recent ETH network congestion the default GAS price was rised to match the average GAS price in the ETH network. As for now (Monday 12:00 GMT) the number of unconfirmed transactions is dropping. The GAS price is also reduced. We will be adjusting the default GAS price to the current ETH network situation. Hopefully within next days we will be able to reduce the GAS price to 4 GWEI as it used to be before the congestion.

Development update.

SmartBillions development team is working on multibet solution. We will introduce 2 improvements in January.

1. Multiple bets on one draw. …

SmartBillions Dividend information.

First SmartBillions dividend period ends after the 4680386 ETH Block — around 1 pm 5.12.2017. After this block all token holders will be allowed to withdraw their dividends from SmartBillions smart contract.

Please transfer all your SMART Tokens to your ETH wallets with private key access. Please do not keep your Tokens on the exchanges when the Dividend period ends.

How to claim your Dividend:

1. You can just simply send 0 ETH to the contract address from your wallet where you keep your SMART Tokens. Contract address: 0x6F6DEb5db0C4994A8283A01D6CFeEB27Fc3bBe9C

You will receive your dividend automatically.

Note: If you claim your dividend for the first time you may have to send the transaction twice.
Please set your GAS price to 1 gwei and GAS limit to 300000. …

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It has been a while since the ICO end and we are moving forward, continuing the hard work with enlarging our lottery platform. SmartBillions Team has officially started the marketing campaigns with a new landing page and we expect increasing frequency in bet placements and a rise in value.

We are happy to announce, that SmartBillions Token (SMART) have been officially listed on

We will be gradually announcing new exchanges that SmartBillions Token (SMART) will be listed at.

SmartBillions Team



SmartBillions is the first fully decentralized and transparent lottery managed by an Ethereum smart contract.

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