SmartBillions ICO and lottery just launched! Multiple lottery wins and SMART Tokens on sale!



The SmartBillions ICO for the world’s first blockchain multi-billion-dollar lottery has just begun! It will last a maximum of about two weeks, or until all the SMART Tokens have been distributed. SmartBillions is the first fully decentralized and transparent lottery managed by an Ethereum smart contract (READ THE SMART CONTRACT). All bets and results are public and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain without third-party involvement.

The lottery is now fully operational and available HERE (PLEASE ALSO SEE “Sneak Peek of SmartBillions lottery interface!”). Since the lottery launch on October 14th, more than 2000 tickets have been already sold and there has already been 88 draw wins (which consists of matching three numbers of the Ethereum blocks hashes by each individual Player). The wins payouts were carried out immediately, directly to the winners’ Ethereum wallets — congratulations!

SmartBillions win results

The SMART Token is available for sale at an exchange rate of approximately 0.3 USD. Only 252 million tokens have been issued. Within a month after the closing of the ICO, SMART Token will be listed on major online exchanges, where it is expected to rapidly multiply in value. What is exceptional is the fact that the SMART Token will generate a monthly dividend for all holders — the value of the dividend payout will depend on the lottery’s popularity. The Team’s goal is for the SMART Token to become a universal global online gaming currency available and used on all platforms.

Prior to the ICO, the SmartBillions team hosted a two-week hackathon to test the security of the smart contract, which proved a success. The purpose was to prove that both the Investors’ and the future Players’ funds are comprehensively protected. Allocating the Team’s private funds of 1500 ETH (approx 0.5 milliion USD) into the Jackpot, which was then made available to hackers worldwide, garnered significant attention within the cryptocurrency community and beyond. The hackathon was a success thanks to two talented hackers who managed to find a bug in the smart contract and withdraw 2x 200 ETH (approx. 120,000 USD). This provided the Team with the opportunity to implement further final smart contract security solutions in order to guarantee comprehensive Investor and lottery protection. After solving the issue (READ: “SmartBillions: Hackathon 2.0 Improvements”), the updated smart contract was published and 1500 ETH was put once more in the jackpot for hackers to try and break into — with no luck this time. In the second phase of the hackathon (READ: “SmartBillions smart contract improved: Hackathon 2.0 starts!”) the SmartBillions smart contract proved itself to be hack-proof. Therefore, the Investors’ and Players’ funds protection passed the stress test and the lottery’s funds are recognized as comprehensively secure.

Apart from the community security audit (hackathon), the SmartBillions ICO includes an unprecedented downside protection. In case of any currently unpredictable issues (like changes to the Ethereum smart contract itself) this mechanism allows the Investors to redeem more than 70% of their funds at any time (READ: “7 reasons to invest in SmartBillions ICO, including downside protection”).

Join the revolution that will disrupt the $300 billion monopoly-operated lottery gaming industry worldwide!


The SmartBillions Team is available to answer all your questions here:




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