SmartBillions Lottery Improvements

Dear SmartBillions Community,

Over the past 2 days, we’ve made improvements to the lottery site and launched lottery statistics. We’ve also created a custom RPC for the Metamask to improve its performance on the SmartBillions site. Further details:

1. On the Lottery site, we’ve added the following pages:

- Draw History
- Wins History
- Your Tickets
- Your Account
- Smart Contract

Those sections are located on the bottom of the lottery site.

2. We’ve launched Lottery General Statistics. Please see for the latest stats, including number of tickets played, tickets value, number of payouts, payouts value and information about the rise in Jackpot value from tickets sales revenue.

Number of Tickets played in the last 3 days:
16.10: 867 Tickets
1195 Tickets
18.10: 1207 Tickets


To improve Metamask performance on the SmartBillions site, please add a custom SmartBillions RPC. Learn how to add a custom RPC:
1. Open your MetaMask wallet

2. Click on the left upper corner — Main Network

3. Click Custom RPC

4. Paste New RPC URL:

5. Save

Good luck with the lottery!
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