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2 min readAug 12, 2022

BatchTransfer is a Dapp that enables users to batch transfer NFTs, airdrop tokens or ETH safely and efficiently to one or multiple wallets in a single transaction and save 40%-70% of the transaction fee (gas). You can use this Dapp to transfer NFTs between your wallets, send ETH to hundreds of wallets to participate in raffles of NFT projects, and airdrop your ETH or ERC20 tokens to as many wallets as you want.

Why is BatchTransfer safe to use?

BatchTransfer does not have access to your private key, recovery phase or wallet password. All the transactions can only be initiated by your wallet.

How to use BatchTransfer?

There are 3 steps. First, Input token and receivers information. Second, Approve BatchTransfer to transfer your tokens. You’ll be asked to do so only once for each token contract. Finally, Safe Batch Transfer your tokens and save transaction fee. Please refer to BatchTransfer tutorial for more details.

BatchTransfer has a limit on the number of rows for each transaction to make sure that the transaction goes through successfully. The limits are different for different token standards and chains, depending on their gas usage and block sizes. The maximum numbers of rows in a single transaction are as follows. Ethereum: ETH (600), ERC-20 (600), ERC-721 (300), ERC-1155 (600); BSC: BNB (1500), BEP-20 (1500), BEP-721 (600), BEP-1155 (1000); Polygon: MATIC (600), ERC-20 (600), ERC-721 (300), ERC-1155 (600); Avalanche: AVAX (240), ERC-20 (240), ERC-721 (240), ERC-1155 (150); Fantom: FTM (600), ERC-20 (600), ERC-721 (240), ERC-1155 (400); Heco: HT (800), HRC-20 (800), HRC-721 (400), HRC-1155 (800); Moonbeam: GLMR (300), ERC-20 (300), ERC-721 (150), ERC-1155 (300); Moonriver: MOVR (300), ERC-20 (300), ERC-721 (150), ERC-1155 (300). When the number of rows exceeds the limit, you can divide your input into multiple chunks, and transfer one chunk at a transaction. The divide-and-transfer process guarantees your security and transaction success.

How much transaction fee (gas) can BatchTransfer save?

It depends on how many receivers or NFTs you have. For a typical case of 10 receivers or 10 NFTs, you can save 40% of the transaction fee (gas). The more receivers or NFTs you have, the more transaction fee (gas) will be saved.

✅ We use BatchTransfer services to work with our Smart token and our audience of clients and partners.

The service is very simple and straightforward to use, and the support service is very quick to provide assistance if necessary👍

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