Basic Computations in SmartPy, Python and Michelson
Jul 25 · 4 min read

Some basic requirements

Integers and Naturals

The Case of Addition, Multiplication and Subtraction

How Many Divisions ?


<eval a>
{ <eval b> }
{ PUSH bool False }

Control Operators

sp.if condition:
with sp.ifBlock(condition):
sp.for x in expression:
with sp.forBlock('var', expression) as var:
sp.while condition:
with sp.whileBlock(condition):

How do we ensure that this is correct?

import smartpy as spclass CheckOperator(sp.Contract):
def __init__(self, default, f, *args):
self.f = f
self.length = len(args)
self.init(result = default)
def run(self, params):
args = [getattr(params, "x_%i" % i) for i in range(0, self.length)] = self.f(*args)

Thanks to Charlie Wiser

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