SmartWitness Launch SVC1080 — Full HD Forward Facing Video Incident Camera

SVC1080 mounts easily to any windshield and is powered by cigar jack adapter

SmartWitness have launched their latest forward-facing vehicle incident camera – the SVC1080 which provides full HD video footage and instant playback.
The camera is the latest in a new generation of HD incident cameras that gives pin-sharp clarity in video footage for any vehicle – either private or fleet. It detects any movement with its 170 degree lens and now can provide instant playback on a 2.4” LCD screen at the back, facing the driver.
The clear-cut evidence gained by the SVC1080 protects drivers against several of the modern problems facing fleet managers and car owners including cash for crash/pre-meditated staged accidents, false and exaggerated whiplash claims, conflicting reports of actual events, lack of witnesses, driving offense allegations from speed cameras and traffic signal violations.
But one of the biggest breakthroughs with the SVC1080 is the price – at $229.99 this HD black box dash camera is affordable for private motorists and further discounts can be offered to fleet managers making large orders (a commercial version is also available with locking SD card cover and permanent vehicle power connection: SVC1080-LCA). So for the first time a full HD incident camera is viable option.
Simon Marsh, Managing Director of SmartWitness, said: “This is the latest generation of HD video camera technology and it’s got all the extras that you would expect from a full telematics system — an advanced third generation Bosch G-sensor, built-in GPS receiver, microphone, rechargeable li-ion battery, Google Maps and Google Earth Integration. PC & Mac analysis software is also included.

PC & Mac Analysis Software Included

“It is quite simply the one-stop solution for private motorists and small and medium size fleet managers who want to protect their drivers and vehicles from bogus claims and lack of evidence in motoring incidents.”
And he added: “Our new camera technology has already saved fleet managers and hauliers hundred of thousands of dollars in cases and now that technology is available at a price to suit private motorists as well. “SmartWitness cameras are already hugely successful in reducing contested insurance cases – around 40% of motor insurance claims in the UK are contested but this drops down to only 2% of cases where SmartWitness evidence is provided.
The new SVC1080 camera records video footage at 10 frames-per-second or 30 frames-per-second – which gives exact data and video evidence of the speed and motion of vehicles prior to an incident and the G-sensor ensures that the camera always records every event and can record audio as well. The camera has approval from CE, RoHS, FCC and Emark and provides court admissible evidence to give total piece of mind for any motorist.

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