Smartcasual meets Hannah Rubia

Meet Hannah, nurse, travelpreneur at DreamTrips and au Pair.

“I came to Hong Kong to be an au pair. But I spend most of my free time meeting people and sharing our travel club experiences, which I am deeply involved in”

Why do you use the app? Are you hoping to meet people with any specific profile?

The idea of an open office hours for professionals piqued my interest. I am in network marketing and I was hoping to meet and connect with other professionals to introduce our business and share it with them.

Who have you met using Smartcasual?

I just recently joined Smartcasual, and have met Thanda. She was so nice.

What can you offer other people who meet you?

I can help them build their business in the travel industry, share with them how they can earn money while vacationing.

Has anything positive for your business come out of any of your meetings?

Yes. It is not just all about business stuff, but also meeting new people hearing their stories and sharing ideas.

Would you recommend Smartcasual to your friends?


We would like to thank Hannah for her support and feedback. We hope she continues adding value to her business with our app.

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