Smartcasual meets Jon Sterling

Meet Jon Sterling, who works on real estate at Vivus, and as he says, you can usually find him on Twitter, or at Heathrow.

“There are two main functions to my job. First, I am responsible for finding people who have property to sell and finding buyers for those properties. We currently focus our efforts in London and the San Francisco Bay Area, we are adding Los Angeles this spring and a few other markets later this year. Secondly, I am responsible for all the recruiting and training for our office in London. Our London operation is young (not quite a year old) and we have 26 people, with a few more in the queue for this spring.”

Why do you use the app? Are you hoping to meet people with any specific profile?

I feel very fortunate to be at a stage in my career where I can make meaningful connections for people. I believe that you “give before you get.” The more people I find a way to help with whatever they need, the more good things seem to happen to me. I don’t have to understand WHY it works that way, only that it does.

Who have you met using Smartcasual?

I met some amazing entrepreneurs in Hong Kong when I was there. One connection was particularly useful as he knows everyone in Hong Kong I will need to know to help get a business established there.

What can you offer other people who meet you?

My personal and professional networks are both very large and diverse. Making connections to people I know is usually the most valuable thing I can do.

Has anything positive for your business come out of any of your meetings?

Yep! The Hong Kong connection mentioned above was a great one.

Would you recommend Smartcasual to your friends?

Of course. It’s a great way to organise your days, especially when you’re in a place where everyone else is juggling schedules as well (like conferences). It’s on my agenda to try it the next time I’m at an airport. I think a quick coffee or drink with another traveler would be a great way to spend time before a flight.

We would like to thank Jon for his support and feedback. We hope he continues adding value to his business with our app.

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